Questions to ask your students after reading the book!

Do you have chores you are responsible for at home?

How far from home are you allowed to play?

Have you ever been left home alone and/or with siblings?

Can you think of a time that you broke a rule your parents had given you? 

Sharks were seen as a danger in Maka’s world. What are possible dangers to kids in our world?

Have you ever been lost or thought you were lost?

What is a family emergency plan? Does your family have an emergency play?

Of the games the mermaid friends shared, which do you think you would like to play the most?

Have you ever been left in charge of something or someone and not handle it in the most responsible way?

What would you do if you ever got lost? Do you have a family emergency plan? Do you know who to call and their number?

 What are your favorite colors?

What are some consequences you have to face if you break the rules at home? How about at school?

Who was your favorite character in the book and why?

Do any of the characters remind you of someone you know?