Nubian Mermaid Adventures

Maka Makes New Friends

Maka Makes New Friends is a fascinating, beautifully and colorfully illustrated, adventurous tale about Maka, a Nubian Mermaid. Queen Titilé Keskessa stylishly and uniquely gave important tips and morals on family/parental responsibilities and on children’s safety and discipline. “No, I can’t go with you because in our family emergency plan, if I ever got lost or separated from my family, I’m supposed to go to the African Cowrie Shell Market and look for my Uncle G’s shop.”This assertion by Mermaid Saba, as simple as it may sound, is essential for safety reasons. “The safety circle” drawn by Maka’s parents beyond which their children should not go is also a   safety measure to be emulated by parents. The author further unveiled parents’ disciplinary role when she stated that Amka and his younger sister Maka didn’t go unpunished for thwarting their parent’s instructions. I am so glad you are back safe. You both should know and understand that you will be grounded and lose all your privileges for a while.” Maka’s father was very unequivocal in that pronouncement. Parents are to emulate Maka’s father to inculcate into their children that going contrary to their parents’ safety measures attracts punishment. I implore both adults and children to read this book as it is an invaluable piece. Don’t be left out.

Illustrations & Cover Design
Valerie Kasyanova

Illustrations & Cover Design
Valerie Kasyanova

Editing: Stephanie Nerissa White
Stephanie’s Advanced Mentoring (SAM)




“I love your book, it is so colorful and beautiful.”

Brittany W.

"I'm ordering a book for my friend's kids! It's my daughter's favorite..."

Bianca S.